LLNL ECP Managers and Contacts

LLNL’s ECP Management Team

Photo of Lori Diachin

Lori Diachin | Project Deputy Director

Terri Quinn

Terri Quinn | Director, Hardware and Integration; NRE and Testbeds Lead

Erik Draeger

Erik Draeger | Deputy Director, Application Development; DOE NNSA Applications Lead 

Rob Neely

Rob Neely | Software Co-Design Lead

Bronis de Supinski | PathForward Vendor Node and System Design Lead

Other LLNL Exascale Points of Contact

Michel McCoy

Michel McCoy | Laboratory Operations Task Force for ECP Lead

Terri Quinn

Terri Quinn | L2 Lead for Exascale Platforms

Rob Neely

Rob Neely | Cost Account Manager for ST Co-design and Integration

Dave Richards

Dave Richards | Proxy Application Lead for Application Development

Chris Clouse | LLNL ATDM Principal Investigator

 Becky Springmeyer | Architecture and Software Development Lead